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The basic structure of the film blowing machine!

Time:2019-4-2 17:16:13
The extruder screw of the blown film is divided into three sections: a feeding section, a melting section, and a homogenization section. At the end of the feed section, at the beginning of the melt zone, its temperature should be the viscous flow temperature. The viscous flow temperatures of various blown film resins are PP: 164-175 degrees Celsius, PE: 105-135 degrees Celsius, and PA: 195-210 degrees Celsius. At the inlet of the feed section, it is desirable to have a lower temperature to prevent the resin from sticking to the feed port. In addition, the resin is continuously compressed in the feed section, and the air is discharged backward from the feed port. Depending on the structure of the equipment, the feed port is not electrically heated, but the heat is transferred through the barrel, and the temperature of the feed port is about 50-90 degrees. In this way, the feed section temperature is determined. The inlet is 50-90 degrees, and the end is equal to the melting point or viscous flow temperature, and the temperature can be determined as the linear temperature rise in the section. At the beginning of the melting section, the temperature reaches the viscous flow temperature to melt. For the crystalline resin, the viscous flow temperature is equal to the melting point temperature. Then, by continuously compressing and increasing the melting layer, it is necessary to continuously increase the temperature, so that the length of the resin molecular chain is different, and the polymer of different thermal motion energy of the film blowing machine is melted successively, so that the temperature at the end of the melting section can be determined as The other parts of the section are linearly warmed up. The plastic film is extruded on the on-line rotary spraying device inside the blown film bubble, and is composed of three parts: a rotating spray machine main body, a mechanical arm, and a high pressure airless spraying machine. In order to solve the technical problem of uniformly coating the inner surface of the film on the inner surface of the film without changing the plastic film flat extrusion blowing process and the traction winding device without increasing the production site.
The technical point is that the device is installed on the die-die platform of the film blowing machine. When the cylindrical bubble is made to move in a uniform linear motion, the distance between the nozzle mounted on the arm and the inner wall of the bubble is adjusted and sprayed. Liquid pressure, spray width, flow rate, rotation speed. A uniform application of the functional coating to the inner surface of the film is achieved. The device can be installed on a flat extrusion blown film blowing machine with a die diameter of 1400 mm or more. If there is an internal cooling device, the residual heat can be used to dry the coating. The capital investment is small; it is especially suitable for the technical transformation of the existing agricultural film production equipment in China. Several static eliminators are placed in the PE film production workshop of the blown film machine. The static eliminator consists of an AC discharge static eliminator and an electrostatic induction detector. When the electrostatic induction detector detects a preset electrostatic value, it will automatically start. The AC discharge static eliminator forms an electrostatic capacitance coupling body to periodically generate ions and attract ions to eliminate static electricity. The static eliminator has a simple structure, is easy to operate, has stable performance, beautiful appearance, and is extremely convenient for maintenance and improvement. The production efficiency of the film blowing machine can be used continuously for a long period of time, and it also reduces accidents such as injury to the operator caused by static electricity, and increases the productivity by more than 25%. The film winder winding shaft friction device comprises a take-up shaft, a friction wheel pair, a spring and a hand wheel. The friction wheel pair comprises an active friction wheel and a driven friction wheel, and a movable sleeve is arranged on the take-up shaft near the side of the active friction wheel. The take-up shaft and the take-up shaft can be rotated relative to each other, the blown film spring is located between the bolt sleeve and the active friction wheel, the hand wheel is located at the other end of the bolt sleeve, and the bolt sleeve is threadedly coupled with a fixed nut. When the hand wheel rotates, the spring rotates or expands with the bolt sleeve, and the hand wheel does not rotate with the take-up shaft during operation. When the hand wheel is used to adjust the friction force, the operation is simple, convenient to use, safe and reliable.
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