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Blowing machine use precautions!

Time:2019-4-2 17:13:48
Strictly observe the precautions for the use of the film blowing machine, which can reduce the mechanical loss and prolong the service life of the machine. If you encounter other problems during use, please contact us!
1. Due to possible damage to electrical components or wire heads during transportation, strict inspection should be carried out first. In order to ensure personal safety, the opening mechanism must be connected to the ground wire, then the power supply is turned on, and then the motor operation of each part is strictly checked, and attention is paid. There is no leakage.
2. When installing, pay attention to adjust the center line of the extruder head and the center of the traction roller to be horizontal and vertical, and must not deviate from the skew.
3. When the winding is increased, the outer diameter of the winding is gradually increased. Please pay attention to the matching between the pulling speed and the winding speed. Please adjust it in time.
4. After the host is turned on, pay close attention to the operation of the host, adjust, correct, and adjust the electrical instrument and controller in time to ensure its normal operation.
5. The main gear box and traction reducer should be refueled frequently, and the gear oil should be replaced. Please replace the new gear oil with the new machine for about 10 days to ensure the normal operation of each rotating part. Pay attention to refueling to prevent jamming and overheating damage. Check the tightness of each joint to prevent the bolt from loosening.
6. The compressed air in the bubble tube should be kept in an appropriate amount. Because the compressed air leaks out during the traction process, please replenish it in time.
7, often clean and replace the filter inside the machine head to prevent blockage, to prevent plastic particles mixed into the iron, sand, stone and other impurities to avoid damage to the screw barrel.
8. It is strictly forbidden to turn the material without turning the material. When the barrel, tee and die have not reached the required temperature, the host cannot be started.
9. When starting the main motor, start the motor and accelerate slowly; when the main motor is turned off, it should be decelerated before shutting down.
10, when preheating, heating should not be too long and too high, so as to avoid blockage of the material. The blown film machine frequency conversion speed control dragging system consists of two parts: one is the frequency converter that squeezes the main motor, and the other is the frequency converter of the traction motor. Their control is very simple, the speed of the motor can pass the keyboard of the panel. Or externally set the potentiometer to adjust. The design of the mold (die) is also related to the quality of the blown film, the smoothness of the spiral body and the inner wall surface of the cavity, the absolute balance of the spiral (the absolute balance of each splitter), the pressure inside the cavity, and the die. Extension angle, depth (height) of the die setting section, ratio of die gap and blown film thickness, total height of the die, wall thickness of the die barrel (insulation), design of the outer heating ring (heating temperature uniformity) Distribution, etc., are the key points to be carefully designed to blow "perfect" films. Ascending and decelerating time: Since plastic machinery does not need to be frequently started and braked, there is no strict requirement for the speed of lifting. The film blowing machine is based on the principle that the rated current is not exceeded, but the sealing and cutting machine should be preset as short as possible.
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