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Film blowing machine maintenance guide!

Time:2019-4-2 17:09:37
The daily maintenance and repair work of the film blowing machine:
Check that the temperature is self-controlled, the heating device is intact, and the temperature at each point is within the index range.
Check the current, speed, temperature rise, accuracy, noise and mechanical transmission of each running motor to meet the standard, check the gearbox oil level and mechanical lubrication.
Whether the traction speed, film width and thickness control of the battlefield are accurate.
Observe the uniformity of the film thickness. Whether the folding diameter meets the standard.
Observing the plasticization of the film, it was found that the crystal points, the stiff spots and the water lines were treated in time.
Check whether the air storage cylinder pressure meets the requirements and clean the oil water separator in time.
Check and control whether the raw material ratio and mixing conditions meet the standards.
Regularly adjust the midpoint, level, and balance of the die, traction, and guide rollers.
Second, targeted maintenance projects: film blowing machine
1. Feeding machine system: Clean the filter in time and check whether the negative pressure feeding system has air leakage.
2. Extruder system:
① Observe the pressure gauge and main motor current, and clean the screen changer in time.
② Check the gear box, screw, main motor for noise and overheating
③ Check the running frequency, current and temperature rise of the inverter, and clean the motor and inverter dust on time.
④ Correct the thermocouple measurement to the actual temperature error.
⑤ Correct the placement of the extruder and adjust the sheave to ensure the angle and level of the extruder.
3. Die system:
① Start heating and take a secondary heating method to avoid temperature overshoot.
② Use a pure copper scraper to clean the accumulated material and paraffin to clean the membrane before opening and stopping, and reduce the influence of precipitates on the bubble.
③ Cover the protective felt in time after shutdown to avoid mold damage. (The upper blower adopts this method)
④ Regularly check the temperature and current of each temperature zone and the film inlet heating plug, and correct the temperature difference.
⑤ Correct the die level and the center point to match the traction.
⑥ Mold screw removal Use a torque wrench and operate according to the specified torque. The high temperature part of the screw uses molybdenum disulfide grease.
⑦ It is forbidden to weld and cut the mold.
4. Wind ring maintenance: timely clean up debris and dust in the wind ring
5. Traction device maintenance: Herringbone folding is non-polluting, clamping traction (cooling) roller pressure is suitable, no condensation water, and the flattening roller is flexible.
6. Corona processor maintenance:
① Regularly clean the high voltage transformer, discharge roller, discharge frame, electric control box, and adjust the discharge gap;
② Check the humidity of the equipment before starting the machine to avoid short circuit of the discharge frame and check the running temperature of the discharge roller bearing.
③ Replace the silicone tube in time.
7. Electrical maintenance
① to ensure the stability and reliability of the power supply, the performance parameters meet the requirements,
② Maintain proper temperature and humidity, maintain good grounding, and avoid the danger of static electricity.
③ Regularly remove the radiator dust.
④ prohibiting the maintenance of core components
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